In a Manger

All parts:






Women: In a manger lies a baby with His mother dear.

Men: Angels hover o’er them very near.

Women (men sing “ooh”): Sheep and oxen kneel, as little Jesus sleeps.

Mary hears the baby breathing, sees His perfect face.

All: Lo, the Son of God full of wonder and grace.


Women: Baby Jesus, King eternal, comes to bless the earth.

Men: Prophets have foretold His holy birth.

Women (men sing “ooh”): Mary holds Him close, He is cradled in her arms.

Tenderly she lifts her baby, kisses His sweet head.

All: See her lay Him down upon the manger bed.


Women: God is with us; Emmanuel is born.

Men: Jesus Christ has come to reign.

Women: Come and worship Jesus,

All: the sweet and holy child.

Behold the Lamb and praise His holy name. (Holy name.)


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