Thanksgiving rehearsal tracks

We don’t get much in the way of rehearsal time between now and Thanksgiving, so I thought these might help boost your confidence. No horrible electronic strings this time, just a slightly less horrible electronic piano.

I haven’t included the accompaniment this time, just the voice parts, so the pauses between verses are shorter here than they will be in performance.

For the soprano and alto tracks, I cut out the first verse since it’s men only.

All parts:






Alleluia, Praise the Risen King!

Here are rehearsal tracks for our Easter song. If you’re new to the choir, here’s the deal on these: I advise listening to the “all parts” version at least once, just to get a sense of how it all fits together. Then you can click on the track for the part you sing. Some sort of computerized string instrument will play your part along with the accompaniment.

Rinse and repeat as necessary. Y’all are awesome.

All Parts:

Soprano 1:

Soprano 2:




“I Believe” for the women of the choir

Here’s the Quodlibet(!) in all its fake violin glory. I’ve created rehearsal tracks for all four voices (in case anybody’s feeling bold enough to learn something adventurous), and the whole thing together so you can hear how it all fits.

Quick note just in case you don’t know the terminology: S1 means 1st soprano, which is the higher soprano notes; S2 = lower soprano notes; A1 = higher alto notes; A2 = lower alto notes.





All together: